The project

BELLAGIO RESOURCES – a niche bulk material enterprise focusing on road-to-rail migration servicing the energy, transportation, agriculture, manufacturing and mining sectors.

Project Assumptions

Project Readiness:

  • Construction starts: August 2022
  • First RoM coal: March 2023
  • First product on rail: April 2023
  • Ramp-up of sealable product on rail:
    • Month 1: 300 000t
    • Month 2: 300 000t
    • Month 3: 300 000t
    • Steady sate for the rest of the year: 300 000t


TFR Readiness

  • Operational risk assessment:
  • Operating model
  • Market template process and service design


Rail Operations:

  • Offloading at Harbor by means of tipplers

Transportation Lines

As displayed on the image, the coal will be loaded at the Estancia Siding and then transported to Klipstapel. To which from there it will continue all the way down to the Harbor through the Diesel Line.

Community Benefits

Local communities will benefit from the Renewable Energy IPP Procurement programme.

By January 2023, the renewable energy independent power producer procurement (REIPPP) programme had approved the solar project and asked each of them to contribute towards local community development through socio- economic and enterprise development, local ownership and local job creation.

These requirements have to be fulfilled within specific radius of the project and oblige renewable energy companies to engage with the developmental opportunities and needs of communities around their project sites. The Estancia solar power plant is mandated to spend annually 1.5% of its revenue on Socio-Economic Development initiatives and 0.6% of its revenue on Enterprise Development initiatives. Through these initiatives Estancia solar power plant will be actively involved in the communities of Mpumalanga.

Schools & Training

The local community will also benefit from the opening of a new school for children as part of the community commitment of the Estancia Group as well as the training and employment of numerous staff members.

This will also include the hosing in the area for all of the workers in these projects.

NERSA has approved the IPP and this will also feed electricity to the mine’s community and the SME in the area. This capital expenditure is in excess of R860 million and will also create jobs in the project, directly and indirectly

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